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PJSE “TERICHEM-LUTSK” is a new player of European market that produces biaxial oriented poly propylene films. It is a leading producer of BOPP films in Ukraine. 

 PJSE “TERICHEM-LUTSK” is a subsidiary company of Finnish AB RANI PLAST and Slovakian “Chemosvit” Ltd. Its history started in May 1995 as a producer of special BOPP films for electric-technical use. The company constantly improves its position at the market. As a member of Tervakoski Film Group it belongs to the most powerful world producers of the product.    

In October 2003, JSE “Terichem”, Slovakia, diversified its activity with production of new BOPP films. JSE “Terichem” owns manufacturing capacities in Slovakia and Ukraine, and has customers from almost all the continents.     

Our aim is to become a world class leader of capacitor films producers and a well-known supplier of wrapping films at European market. 

Fake Fighting Policy
“Terichem” Group is aware of the hazard of cigarette brands illegal production and fake support.  That is why we openly support any activity connected with protection of our partners’ businesses and their brands. Companies of “Terichem” Group work only with legal companies with government license for tobacco products production. We do not supply our products to any of the companies that are suspected in illegal cigarettes production as well as we do not provide any technical support to such companies.

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